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seven tablets

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Name:seven tablets in a cloudy satchel
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Community description:a roleplay.
Somewhere along the way, there was magic and science, and they mixed up and melded and bred and created alchemy.

Somewhere along the way, the magical creatures of the world found their own places to live, and the ones who were born without magic and had to have science show them how to find it made their own cities, and lived there amidst each other.

Private storyline confused about what its storyline is; about a bunch of people including some alchemists, doctors, chorus girls and vigilante criminals in a quasi-steampunk world.

Except a couple of them might also be interdimensional secret agents.

Publically readable, but don't expect to be able to neccessarily follow what's going on. Moved over from [ profile] seventablets over on IJ.

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